[fringe] Olivia *gun*

Voting - Challenge 10, Round 06

Welcome to the voting....

sayuri_x would also like to say thank you for your patience. :)


- Voting ends Friday, July 13th - 11:59PM PST Pacific Standard Time
- All comments are screened. (Use the form below.)
- Anyone can vote, but do not tell people to vote for yours.
- Vote for one (1) least favorite set and one (1) favorite set, and one one (1) least favorite banner and one (1) favorite banner.
- You vote for the lesser quality of the icon, not whether or not you like it. Your reasons must be valid. [Examples: The texture is overpowering; the color doesn't compliment the screencap; too sharpened; too smooth.] Do not use words like "I don't like it." "It's ugly." Even if you don't like the style, you are looking for the overall quality.
- The sets with the most negative votes will be eliminated. The set with the most positive votes will be given "People's Choice."
- You are voting on the set and banner separately this time; two icons from each maker, instead of just one, and one banner.

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[sw] Jyn x Cassian

Round 6 - Challenge 10 (Semifinals)

Welcome to Challenge ten of Round six and therefore our Semifinals!
Congrats for making it this far! :)

  • The community rules are located here.
  • You may only use the provided screencaps.
    • Textures, brushes, text are allowed.
    • Other images and/or stock images are NOT allowed.
    • Blending is allowed.
    • Animations are not allowed for this challenge.
  • You have to submit TWO icons and ONE promotion banner (please check out the rules for submission guidelines!).
  • All comments are screened.
  • Do not post your entries anywhere else until the results are published.
  • Entries are due Wednesday, July 4th - 11:59PM PST Pacific Standard Time

If you have any questions concerning the challenge, please let me know. :)

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